We contacted Boston and shortly after we were in Boston saving his life. Within a few months he was so severe we listed him for a double-lung transplant. December of 2009, at 21 months old, he received the ultimate gift of life, new lungs. For the next several years Hunter traveled between Boston and Colorado. In 2012, it was time for the family to move to be closer to the Children’s. Hunter had good years and then his lungs began to decline into chronic rejection. On July 16, 2015, Hunter received his second gift of life, another set of beautiful lungs.
Hunter has spent a lot of his life in the hospital. Transplant comes with another set of potential health issues. In 2016, Hunter was diagnosed with Post Transplant Lymphoma Disorder (PTLD). Children’s had a plan to help him as well.
When he is resting you can typically find him snuggling with his sloths, and watching shows on snakes or C.O.P.S. Hunter loves when all his grandparents come to visit as well as going to visit with them, which includes going on the boat fishing in SC. Hunter enjoys making funny Snapchat videos with his friend Kris and taking rides in a police cruiser with his friend Steve.  Bowling with his family is one of Hunter's favorite things to do on a day out.  And, he will challenge anyone to game a Wii Bowling at home.  He will probably beat you too!  To look at him one would never know he has endured over 100 surgeries. His health is due to his donors making the decision to save other people’s lives, and the amazing work Boston Children’s does.
Hunter's Story
Hunter Today
Hunter was born prematurely at 35 weeks and was a very sick baby. He was constantly at doctor appointments in Colorado for the first year of his life as his diagnosis was undetermined. After a grueling year, he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Vein Stenosis (PVS). PVS is a rare disease in which there currently is no cure. Hunter’s Colorado physicians told us it was best to let him die. We did not accept that and immediately found Boston Children’s was conducting a study in his disease. 
Hunter is an energetic, happy 10-year-old boy who loves life.  Much of his life is still about his health but it hasn't stopped him.  He is the type of boy that changes you the minute you meet him.  He loves to swim and spent most of this last summer in his pool. This September he returned to school and loves 4th grade, especially meeting new friends and recess. At home most of his time is spent running around and playing with his 12-year-old brother, Logan.